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May 9, 2014

Yellow Wristbands To Support Sarcoma Awareness

Raise Awareness of Sarcoma with Bracelets

Sarcoma is a cancer that develops in the connective tissues of the body. Although they comprise only 1% of cancer diagnoses, sarcomas are a dangerous cancer that claim thousands of lives each year. Because sarcomas are not common, they receive very little funding compared to more common types of cancer. Sarcoma awareness wristbands can be used to show support for a person or family, raise awareness of the need for more research, or fundraise to help the cause. Join AmazingWristbands.com to show your support for Sarcoma awareness.

Sarcoma Awareness Month in July

Sarcoma Awareness Month is in July. Yellow is the recognized awareness color used in conjunction with sarcoma awareness. Many events take place for Sarcoma Awareness Month, and custom sarcoma awareness wristbands can be a part of any event. You can choose any message for your custom silicone wristbands. A generic yellow “Cure Sarcoma” wristband would work well for a big event, or a more personalized wristband such as “Team Joan -- Beat Sarcoma” could be used to show support for an individual.

Yellow To Support Awareness

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