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Apr 21, 2017

Ways to Fight Sexual Violence

Sexual violence has always been a sensitive global problem with significant consequences. The effects of sexual violence go far beyond individual survivors. They reach our society as a whole. Being raped can completely turn a victim’s life upside down which makes it so difficult to heal. Spread awareness with personalized silicone bracelets!

Here are some ways to join the fight:

Spread awareness: We all handle times of crisis in different ways. Use tweets, posts, and status updates to share the word and inspire others. This way you will show survivors they have absolute support. Make a statement that victims have the right to go public about what happened.

Don’t hold it inside: If you know someone who has been raped, immediately report that incident to the police. Contact a local rape crisis center, a hotline, or a counseling service.  They can all cope with the emotional and physical impacts of the assault.

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