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Nov 18, 2015

Red Silicone Bracelets For Stroke Awareness

Raise Awareness with Stroke Bracelets

Every four minutes, someone in the US dies of a stroke. It’s not surprising that stroke is the leading cause of death and disability. What might be surprising, though, is that nearly 80% of strokes are preventable. The goal of stroke awareness campaigns is to help people understand what changes they can make in their lives to reduce the risk of stroke. Custom Stroke bracelets can help remind people of the ways to prevent stroke.

Inverted Screen Printed Stroke Bands

May is Stroke Awareness Month and the recognized color for stroke awareness is red. You custom stroke bracelets can have any message you’d like. You may want to include the name of your event, a website address, or even slogan. The acronym used to remind people of the signs of stroke is FAST. It stands for:
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Oct 3, 2014

Spread Stroke Signs With FAST Wristbands

Do you know the signs of stroke? They’re easy to remember with the acronym FAST.

  • F = Face: Is one side of the face drooping down?
  • A = Arm: Can the person raise both arms, or is one arm weak?
  • S = Speech: Is speech slurred or confusing?
  • T = Time: Time is critical!! Call 9-1-1 immediately!

Custom made FAST wristbands with a custom message such as “Know the Signs of Stroke – FAST” or “F = Face | A = Arm | S = Speech | T = Time” can help raise awareness of the signs of a stroke. Other signs of a stroke include:

  • sudden trouble seeing
  • sudden dizziness
  • generalized weakness


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