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Sep 10, 2014

Raise Awareness Of Turner Syndrome With Wristbands

Raise Awareness, Show Support with Turner Syndrome Wristbands

One in every 2000 girls is born with Turner Syndrome, a random chromosomal disorder affecting only women. Although Turner Syndrome is not a rare disorder, it doesn’t receive a lot of attention. Increased awareness will help girls and women with Turner Syndrome to better manage their symptoms and lead healthier lives. If you’re organizing and Turner Syndrome awareness event or just want to show support for someone you care about, Turner Syndrome wristbands are the perfect solution.

Turner Syndrome Wristbands

What is Turner Syndrome?

According to the Turner Syndrome Foundation, Turner Syndrome is a genetic condition that can only affect females in which a female does not have the usual pair of two X sex chromosomes. In the different variations of Turner syndrome, cells are missing all or part of an X chromosome. Most commonly, the affected girl has only one X chromosome (45XO). In other cases, girls have two X chromosomes, but one of them is incomplete (Turner mosaicism). Sometimes, a girl has some cells with two X chromosomes, but other cells have only one.

Facts about Turner Syndrome

Here are some other important facts about Turner Syndrome:

  • Turner is the second most common genetic disorder.
  • 1,000 new baby girls are born with the Syndrome annually (one every eight hours). The actual percentage may be higher: there is a wide range of symptoms and not all individuals affected by it experience the same effects; hence, many individuals may go undiagnosed.
  • Short stature is common in those with Turner Syndrome
  • Most girls with Turner Syndrome are diagnosed at birth or within the first few years.
  • Approximately 30% of individuals with Turner syndrome are reported to have "bicuspid aortic valves," meaning that the major blood vessel from the heart has only two rather than three components to the valve regulating blood flow, missed diagnosis of this cardio-vascular disease could have grave outcomes.
  • The cognitive function and educational issues affecting some girls and women with Turner syndrome may include difficulty with visual spatial tasks, memory, and attention, as well as other learning disabilities.
  • Other consequences of this disorder include risk of ovarian failure, Type II diabetes, hyperthyroidism.
  • The psychosocial issues associated with Turner syndrome include low-self esteem, predisposition to age-specific problems isolation, depression and with psychosocial adaptation.

Increased awareness of the disorder and its symptoms will help girls get help earlier in their lives and ultimately improve their overall quality of life outcomes.

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