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Nov 3, 2016

How To Promote Veterans Day With Wristbands?

Every year, Veterans Day is observed on 11th of November. On this day, we thank veterans for their dedicated services to the nation. It is the duty of every citizen to show their appreciation. Promote the importance of this day with custom designed bracelets.

Support Veteran's Day

Popular Wristband Widths

  • Thin 1/4-inch narrow wristbands
  • Half-inch standard bands
  • 3/4-inch wide wristbands
  • 1-inch extra wide bands

You can also get custom sizes with 2-inch and 3-inch wide wristbands.

Other than these regular bracelets, you can also opt for adjustable bands which are adjustable up to 8.5 inches. These bands have three snaps that allow the people wearing them to choose their own size.

Another cool type are the latest USB wristbands; how would it be to have your USB in the form of a bracelet? Wouldn’t it be cool? Yes, USB bands are getting all the attention right now.

Styles You Can Opt For

The message style defines the look of your bracelets. Below you will find a list of the most popular message styles:

Debossed: Message will be sunken into the band and the message color will be the same as the band color.

Ink filled debossed: Same as debossed but you can choose a different message color.

Embossed: Message will be raised out of the band, similar to braille and the message color will be the same as the band color.

Colorized Embossed: Same as embossed but you can choose a different message color.

Screen Print: This is a normal print which is perfect for complex logos.

Dual layer: The band will be made with two different layers of colors. The outer layer is a thin layer of color that is laser debossed away to show the inside band color(s). The inner layer color will be the message color. For example, if you choose red/white in dual layer style, the band’s inner layer will be white, the outer layer will be red and the message color will be in white. Awesome, right?

Where to buy?

There are thousands of online shops available these days, but finding a trust-worthy site is a challenge. AmazingWristbands.com is a leading provider of 100% quality silicone wristbands with wonderful user reviews and good profile listing on social media. At Amazing Wristbands, you won’t have to worry about online scams, frauds or spamming. They also offer rush shipping within 24 hours for selected products.

Get your wristbands for Veterans Day today and promote its importance!!!

Last modified on: March 16th, 2017