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Sep 28, 2014

Raise Support Voting With Voter Registration Wristbands

Support Voting with Voter Registration Wristbands

Even if you’re not politically active, it’s impossible not to recognize that it’s almost election time. Political signs, TV ads, phone calls, and door-to-door activists are doing their best to get people out to vote in November. Voter registration wristbands can help promote involvement in the upcoming elections, increasing numbers at the polls and getting people involved in important causes.

Voter Registration Bracelets

Messages for Voter Registration Wristbands

Encourage voting : Voter Registration bracelets with a simple message that says, “I’m Registered to Vote” can be a good conversation starter to get others involved. “I Voted” wristbands can continue to encourage voting all year long.

Promote a specific cause. Custom wristbands for a specific cause can also encourage voting.

Support a specific candidate. Customized bracelets with the name and message about a specific candidate can get people motivated to vote.

Spread patriotism. Personalized Silicone bracelets that encourage voting as the American thing to do also sends a positive message. “I’m An American and I Vote” or a red-white-and-blue wristband will go a long way to promote patriotism.

Did You Know the Voter Registration Facts?

American Voter Registration Rates Are Unusually Low: Approximately 68 percent of voting age Americans are registered to vote. The United States ranks 120th of the 169 countries for which data exists on voter turnout.

Customize Your Voter Registration Wristbands

Use our online tool to choose your font, color, color effects, artwork and more. The more unique you make your voter registration wristbands, the more popular they will be. At AmazingWristbands.com, free shipping, free artwork, free design, and free color matching. All our silicone products are made of 100% latex-free so they are non-allergenic and comfortable. Many of our wristbands have no minimums and can be delivered within a few days.

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