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Apr 21, 2017

Ways to Fight Sexual Violence

Sexual violence has always been a sensitive global problem with significant consequences. The effects of sexual violence go far beyond individual survivors. They reach our society as a whole. Being raped can completely turn a victim’s life upside down which makes it so difficult to heal. Spread awareness with personalized silicone bracelets!

Here are some ways to join the fight:

Spread awareness: We all handle times of crisis in different ways. Use tweets, posts, and status updates to share the word and inspire others. This way you will show survivors they have absolute support. Make a statement that victims have the right to go public about what happened.

Don’t hold it inside: If you know someone who has been raped, immediately report that incident to the police. Contact a local rape crisis center, a hotline, or a counseling service.  They can all cope with the emotional and physical impacts of the assault.

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Observe other people’s reactions Pay attention: Signs and symptoms of victims include depression, guilt, anger, and anxiety. They might also have trouble sleeping and withdraw from relationships.

Respect people: We, as human beings, should be careful not to hurt other people’s feelings. Sexual molestation is often the result of people getting their revenge on other people who have ill-treated them. Factors that decrease the likelihood that someone would engage in committing a rape include refraining from the use of drugs or alcohol, exercising good self-control, and having good perceptions of others.

Give up sexual jokes: Rape jokes actually contribute to rape culture. Joking about such a terrible thing make rapists think the speaker is on their side.

Find your own way to support victims: Create a support group or join other members of your community. Share awareness messages to make the victims stay protected knowing that at least they have someone to can help and who really cares. Silicone wristbands are an attractive tool to get the point across.

Here are some messages you can use when raising awareness on the subject: “I believe you”, “Rape is Rape in any language”, and “No more rape culture”.

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Last modified on: July 13th, 2017