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Jun 14, 2015

Why To Raise Awareness On World Population Day?

Raise Awareness with Custom Wristbands

Customized World Population Day wristbands can help you promote your event and publicize your message. World Population Day is July 11. This event started in 1987 with the "Day of 5 Billion" held to raise awareness of issues related to world population. Since then, the annual World Population Day has been held each year with events across the globe aimed at drawing attention to worldwide issues that affect people from all regions. You can also wear custom designed bracelets from AmazingWristbands.com to promote awareness.

Wristbands With World Population Day Message

Customized Bracelets

You can choose any message for your World Population Day Bracelets. Create a general message such as “World Population Day 2015” or "I am 1 in 8 Billion." Or, you can choose a message specific to your event. People often choose green, blue or a green-and-blue combination wristband for their World Population Day Bracelets. You can also add World Population Day graphics to your wristbands, such as an icon of the earth

Why Recognize World Population Day?

World Population Day raises awareness of several global issues that are affected by the increasing world population. Consider these facts from the United Nations Population Fund:

  • Today's generation of young people is the largest ever. They are approaching one-third of the population.
  • Adolescent fertility rates have fallen. Still, 20,000 girls under age 18 give birth in developing countries every day.
  • More than 7 billion people currently inhabit the planet, compared to only 3 billion in 1967.
  • Every year about 135 million people are born and 55 million people die, adding 80 million to our global population.
  • Population growth is a root cause of many environmental and social problems.

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