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Jan 2 2017

Writable Wristbands

Use Writable Wristbands for Your Custom Message

The writable wristband is a variation on the popular half-inch silicone wristband. With writable bands, you can have your custom message on one side of the band, and a large writable white area on the other.

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Uses for Writable Wristbands

Write-on wristbands can be used for school groups, fundraising, events, contests, parties, and more! Our writable bracelets are the most versatile bands we carry because they can be used in a variety of ways, customizable on the go. Here are just a few ways you can use it for:

Writable Wristbands

Writable Bands For School Groups

Schools and daycare groups use write-on wristbands to separate kids into different groups. Kids can write their names on the wristbands and the school or daycare name can be printed on the other side. Parents also use write-on writable wristbands to for safety reasons, providing their contact information in case their child is lost.

Writable Bands For Events

Event planner use writable wristbands as admission tools, or for entry into a particular part of the event. For example, the date can be written on the wristband to be used as an admission ticket for that day only. Or, an event area – such as a Fun Zone at a fair or a food area at a convention – rides, can be written on the bands so people can enter certain parts of an event or convention.

Writable Bands For Parties

You can use writable wristbands for kids’ birthday parties, anniversaries, or showers. People can write things on their wristbands such as their own birthday, how long they’ve known the couple, or whether they’re a friend of the bride or groom. As a party activity, hand out markers and hold a contest to see who decorates their wristband the best. Hosts of murder mystery parties can use the writable area to assign roles to people.

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Last modified on: January 2nd, 2017