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Addisons Disease Awareness And Support

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Addison's Disease Awareness Wristbands

Do you want to show support for a person suffering from Addison's disease? Custom silicone bracelets are a great way to show your support and raise awareness of this obscure disease that is not well known by many people. With Addison's disease awareness bracelets , you can spread the word and help raise money for research and patient support. Select from a variety of colors, add artwork, and design wristbands online with our easy ordering interface. There are NO MINIMUM order requirements here, so you can buy just one or 1,000! All products from www.AmazingWristbands.com are high quality, durable, water resistant, eye-catching, flexible, non-allergenic, comfortable, and soft.

Half-Inch Blue Bands To Support Addison's Disease Awareness

Addison's Disease Medical Alert Bracelets

Addison's disease can result in a medical emergency called an addisonian crisis. When this occurs, the person's blood pressure drops significantly due to low blood levels of sugar and high blood levels of potassium, and the person may lose consciousness. This situation is life threatening and requires immediate medical care. If you or someone you love is prone to an addisonian crisis, a medical alert bracelet will help them get appropriate care right away and could save a life. Order customized Addison's disease medical alert bracelets to protect yourself or someone you love.

Addison's Disease - Medical Alert Bands

What is Addison Disease?

According to the National Adrenal Diseases Foundation (www.nadf.us), Addison's disease is a severe or total deficiency of the hormones made in the adrenal cortex, caused by its destruction.

Addison's Disease Symptoms And Signs

Symptoms & Signs Of Addison's Disease
  • Symptoms of Addison's disease include steadily worsening fatigue, a loss of appetite, and some weight loss. Blood pressure is low and falls further when a person is standing, producing lightheadedness. Nausea, sometimes with vomiting, and diarrhea are common. The muscles are weak and often go into spasm.
  • People with Addison's disease often suffer emotional changes, particularly irritability and depression.
  • The slowly progressive chronic symptoms are usually missed or ignored until a sudden event like a flu virus, an accident, or the need for surgery suddenly precipitates a dramatic change for the worse because of the deficient response from the adrenals to one of these stresses.