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Customized Bracelets For A Cause

Customized Bands Help Fundraising

Many groups use fundraising bracelets to raise money for a cause, events, etc. From schools and churches to sports teams and community groups, using customized bands are an easy way to raise funds and distribute your message.

Special Dual Layer Bracelets For Fundraising

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Our unique dual layer type is made of your choice of two colors – one for the outside and one for the inside and the lettering. Our dual layer fundraising bracelets are comfortable, latex-free, and non-allergenic.

Customizing wristbands for a cause is easy! Use our online builder to choose your colors, font, artwork and message. If you're creating for your school, use your school colors. If you're promoting a specific cause, use colors associated with that cause, such as pink for breast cancer, red for AIDS awareness, and so on. These types of bracelets can both raise money for a cause and increase awareness of important issues.

Purpose of Fundraising Bands

Personalized fundraising bracelets serve three very important purposes. First, they can be sold at a profit to raise money for your cause. Second, the more you sell, the more people will know about your organization. Third, as more people are seen wearing your wristbands, even more people will want to buy them from you. This cycle of awareness helps both your fundraising efforts and the overall mission of your cause.

Fundraising Bracelets Popularity

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Ways To Sell your fundraising wristbands

  • Sell them online, promoting them through social media channels.
  • Sell them at an event with other fundraising efforts.
  • Sell them as part of admission fee to a public event so everyone at the event will be wearing them.
  • Select certain people from your organization and challenge them to sell at least 10 each to their friends and family. Create contests for the person who sells the most!

Why Dual Layer Fundraising Wristbands from US

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