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If you’re looking to purchase some wristbands, you’ve come to the right place – Amazing Wristbands. Here we’ve got an enviable selection of different styles of wristbands, no matter what your style or purpose may be.

What are Wristbands For?

Whether you’re trying to convey a message that’s important to you, or just making a fashion statement, wristbands (or wrist bands) have a number of purposes, and whichever type you’re looking for you can be sure you’ll find it on the Amazing Wristbands website. With their simple design and inexpensive nature, they are very versatile, and can be found on the wrists of essentially anyone; young, old, male or female. Just what are wristbands for, though?

Swirled Style Bracelets

Many people find that wristbands are a simple yet stylish addition to their overall appearance, with a variety of colors and materials available. Their prominent yet understated position on the wrist also means they can double up as symbols of a particular cause you stand for, or interest you may have. We offer customizable designs, so whatever you want to convey, you can do so easily with your own personalized text. Stand up to cancer, support your favorite band, promote your business or just display a favorite quote that has a special meaning to you - the possibilities are endless, and with our fast production time and delivery your order can be with you before you know it.

History of Wristbands

Wristbands have been used as both decorative and functional bands worn around the wrist for a long time, and have served a variety of purposes over the years. Some originated for identification or authorization purposes, while others were used during sports as a tool for wiping sweat away or preventing it from running down the arms. These sporting wristbands were usually made of terrycloth material. The silicone wristbands we produce here, though, gained popularity in the early to mid 2000s, and were initially worn to demonstrate support of a certain cause or charitable organization. These bands are still popularly used for these reasons, and all kinds of designs are available for purchase here on the site.

One of the reasons such bands became popular was through the “LIVESTRONG” wristbands which became synonymous with Lance Armstrong’s fight with testicular cancer. The bands are a great motivational symbol and help people stand behind a cause, and they have now been adopted by various charities and similar organizations thanks to their simplicity and effectiveness. Nowadays the uses of these silicone wristbands are numerous - whether as identification in theme parks and sporting venues, or just to express a personal message.

Various Types Of Wristbands

Types of Wristbands

There are several types of wristbands around, and you can be sure we’ve got them at Amazing Wristbands. Wristbands are similar to bracelets, as they are also worn encircling the wrist, but while the term “bracelet” usually refers to fine or fashion jewelry, wristbands are far more versatile and can be worn by either sex, and by people of all ages. Our silicone wristbands are stretchy, smooth and colorful, and can be worn in the same way as a bracelet. They are also easy to clean and have great longevity. Wear them one at a time or group them all together - the choice is yours.

There are various different colors of wristband available too, which have come to signify different things such as a school’s colors, the colors found in a company logo or a variety of causes. Some of these include:

  • Red - AIDS and HIV, heart disease and various other medical conditions
  • Orange - Hunger, cultural diversity, animals
  • Yellow - LIVESTRONG, US troops, suicide prevention, adoption
  • Green - Environmental issues, organ donation
  • Black - Mourning a loss, euthanasia
  • White - Poverty, peace and anti-terrorism
  • Pink - Breast cancer

These are just a few of the colors available, and the causes they represent. The color doesn’t have to have a particular meaning though - you might just like the look of it!

Get Them Here!

Amazing Wristbands has a wide selection of wristbands to choose from, so whatever your requirements, we’re confident we can help you out quickly and for a great price. There are several types of wristbands on offer, from debossed, screen printed, slap bands and extra wide bands to keychains and even USB bands, for added functionality. All of our products can be personalized and embedded with your desired message, event or artworks, so have a browse now and see what you’d like - we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with what we’ve got to offer.